What Are the Specific Requirements of Grow Lamp for Plants?

People will buy a variety of grow lamp for plants in the market. When it comes to grow lamp for plants requirements, many people are puzzled. In the beginning, people always thought that this type of lamps was dispensable, and they had few restrictions on the conditions. But later, people found that if they want the grow lights for plants to exert its due effect, it should still meet the corresponding requirements.

Ⅰ. What are the requirements of grow lights for plants?

The first thing to pay attention to is the nature of the light source of the grow lamp for plants. Be sure not to choose products that emit dead light, such as various ordinary lights. Although these lights have a spectrum, they have nothing to do with the natural light spectrum. Under this situation, people are doing useless work. Even if they illuminate their plants 24 hours a day, it is impossible to promote the growth of plants. Under such conditions, the value of the light source is lost.

The requirements for industrial grow light for plants are also reflected in the wavelength of light emitted. At present, grow lamp for plants mainly contains red light and blue light. Under the red light, plants can extend the flowering period. While under the action of blue light, higher energy can be generated to promote plant growth. On the whole, the wavelength of red light is between 630 nanometers and 660 nanometers, while the wavelength range of blue light is between 400 nanometers and 480 nanometers. If the wavelength does not meet the requirements, it is also useless.

Ⅱ. The choice of grow lamp for plants

The requirement for plant growth is not particularly harsh. After investigation, it is found that growing a lamp for plants can promote the generation of organic matter and glucose in plants and provide a lot of energy for plant growth. If the light is not particularly bright, it is recommended to adjust it in time. Because the brightness of the light will affect the final effect, some people buy some inferior products, and the light emitted flashes and flickers, which may also affect the presentation of the function. Choose the red and blue light that meets the requirements of the grow lamp for plants because the wavelength of red and blue light is critical and can not be ignored.

Nowadays, people are very familiar with indoor plants, In many cases, people should choose high-quality LED grow lights for indoor vegetables for different plants according to their own strength. Inferior products are very likely to be full of loopholes, so you should be prepared when selecting.

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