LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

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LED lights for cannabis are becoming more and more popular among cannabis growers, as technology has improved, and so have led lighting systems. LED cannabis grow lights are used not only in the cannabis grow room, but also in greenhouse and laboratory. Cannabis grow lights are both energy-saving, money-saving, and time-saving.

LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

1. Affordability: LED lights for cannabis are relatively cheap compared to HID configurations.

2. Energy saving: led grow lights for cannabis won't cause a user's electricity bill to skyrocket.

3. Water saving: unlike HID lights that generate more heat, thus consuming more water, led saves water.

4. Durability: traditional cannabis-growing lights last only 20,000 hours. LED lights for cannabis last up to 50,000 hours and sometimes even 100,000 hours.

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Cannabis Lighting Requirements

High cannabis ppfd led grow light can meet the lighting requirements of cannabis growth. If the temperature in the greenhouse is higher, the moisture is larger, and the shed needs to be sprayed with water, you should choose waterproof weed grow lights. Marijuanas grow lights with cooling function can prolong its service life.

Cannabis PPFD for LED Cannabis Growing Lights

Cannabis Ppfd Ppfd For Cannabis

In the greenhouse can choose ppfd grow light to industrial hemp supplemental light, but in the choice of supplemental lights to pay attention to the led grow light ppfd of plant growth lights, high-powered plant growth lights powerful enough to meet the requirements of cannabis growth of light

The standard for measuring light intensity is micromoles per joule. In product listings, you will see it written as umol/j or PPF (photosynthetic photon flux). The high ppfd led grow light have a high grow light ppfd because they produce more photons per second. Look for lights that are 1.5 umol/j and above.

How Much ppfd for flowering weed? 

Grow lights with lots of red are often used during the period to stimulate plants to grow taller (stretch) and to help promote bud emergence. Under red light, plants may enter flowering more quickly than under blue light with ppfd for flowering.

By tracking the ratio of colors in the spectrum, cannabis plants are able to "know" what's going on around them, which helps them grow in the best way possible!

For shorter plants with more leafy growth, it is recommended to use a plant grow light with a more blue spectrum component. Switching the plant to the flowering stage allows you to switch the light to the part of the spectrum that cannabis likes more red and orange during flowering.

Cannabis Growing Lights Systems

Led indoor cannabis grow lights is a good choice. There are evidence indicating led grow lights have a good light filling effect on vegetables, fruits, flowers.  Grow lights for cannabis can be used in greenhouses, laboratories, and plant factories.  Therefore, when selecting cannabis led grow light, choose led grow lights with high lighting power.

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