O Series LED Tri-proof Light

O Series LED Tri-proof Light

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Supreme Tri-proof light is usually used in environment which require water proof ,dust-proof ,corrosion-proof lighting ,such as shopping mall , warehouse and other indoor places . The lamp features with smooth surface , no dust deposition ,can be ceiling mounted or suspending mounted.

Advantages of O Series LED Tri-proof Light


●Water-proof design without adhesive, so there is no water leakage caused by adhesive aging , Convenient to disassemble;

●Light panel and PSU adopt modular design, connected via terminals, easy and convenient to Maintain, no need of soldering;

●Energy saving and eco-friendly, no IR or UV, no mercury contamination , RoHS compliant;

●High transmittance PC cover transmit soft light + small power LEDs, high light efficiency, uniform Light; No dark spot;

●High efficient heat dissipation, LEDs and power supply with low temperature rise, high stability under Continuous working;

●Can be switched on/off frequently, good color rendering performance. Compact appearance, novel design style, easy to install and transport;


●Vegetable and fruit planting

●Flower cultivation

●City farming

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Specifications of O Series LED Tri-proof Light

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