Weed Led Grow Lights

Weed Led Grow Lights

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Weed LED grow lights use effective full spectrum for plants, largely accelerate the plant growth. Compare with the previous led grow lights, weed led grow lights use high par value and high lumen ligthing for the plant growth. Solid lights body can last for long time. It can be used to enhance the growth of different plants (medical plants, vegetables, herbs, and flowers ). Widely used in hydroponic, greenhouse, indoor garden, horticulture, it is suitable for all plants growth. Therefore, if you want to learn more weed LED grow lights, please contact us.

Weed Led Grow Lights

Weed Led Grow Lights

Weed LED Grow Lights has slim design with the features of high efficacy 2.6 umole/J, IP66 waterproof, which is suitable for many growing environments including indoor and greenhouse. These full-spectrum grow lights can grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers, etc. It is easy to control the 0-10V dimmable full spectrum light bulbs controlled by application.

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What Color LED For Growing Weed?

Adequate light is the most important factor that should be considered when growing plants. The weed LED grow lights uses a full spectrum of 400-780nm effective photosynthesis wavelength. This blue color of light is best used at the sprout and vegetative stage of growth since it promotes rapid growth and development of the plant. Red light induces budding and flowering, which can shorten the growth cycle.

How Far Should LED Grow Lights Be From Weed Plants?

How Far Should LED Grow Lights Be From Weed Plants Tropical Plant Light

The location of LED plant lights is also very important for plant growth. Too close will lead to plant overheating. Too far will result in insufficient lighting. The distance shall be determined according to the power of the LED grow lights. It is recommended to prevent the LED plant lights from being 12 to 18 inches away from the plant.

The Advantages of Using LED lights For Weed

Firstly, weed LED grow lights are energy efficient and last for up to 50,000 hours. Secondly, weed LED grow lights produce less heat than HPS grow lights and can be placed closer to your plants without risking damage. Last but not least, weed LED grow lights can be customized to emit specific wavelengths of light. With LED lights, you can adjust the colour balance to suit the specific plant type.

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