How to Choose Grow Lights for Weed Cultivation?

As an annual herbaceous plant, weed, in addition to a particularly important attribute that people know, also has more uses. For example, it is a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper, and medical supplies and also boasts a lot of medicinal value. Therefore, in addition to large-scale weed cultivation for the development of the textile industry, there are also greenhouses to explore the use of weed in other ways.

Weed is a light-loving, short-day crop, and late-maturing varieties are more sensitive to light. Therefore, you must pay special attention to light conditions when growing weed in a greenhouse. Insufficient light will affect the growth of plants and the content of various substances. The growth of weed requires strong light, so when planting it in a greenhouse, pay attention to the light transmittance, light intensity and light time in the greenhouse.

Selection requirements for weed grow lights

In the greenhouse, you can choose cheap weed grow lights to fill the light, but when choosing weed grow lights, pay attention to the power of the plant grow lights. The high-power grow lights can meet the light requirements of weed growth. If the temperature in the big shed is high, the water vapor is high, and the shed needs to be sprayed with water, then the waterproof function should also be paid attention to when selecting plant grow lights. The high power of the plant grow light may lead to an increase in heat generation, so it is better to have heat dissipation facilities for the plant grow light, which can extend the service life of the light.

Weed LED grow lights

When choosing a grow light, you can consider the weed LED grow light. After a long period of development and research, there are clear data that can show that weed LED grow lights can have a good effect on vegetables, fruits, and flowers in terms of filling light. It can be used in greenhouses, laboratories, and plant factories. Therefore, when choosing a grow light for weed, you can choose a high-power weed LED grow light, which can have a good light filling effect.

The following are our popular weed growing plant led light, check if you have any interest.

S1200 Golden Grow Lights-full spectrum plant grow lights

S960 series LED Grow Lights-full spectrum led plant grow light

S1200 series + (UV-R) LED Grow Lights-1200 watt led grow light

S780 series LED Grow Lights-full spectrum fluorescent lights for growing plants

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