Tropical Plant Grow Light

Tropical Plant Grow Light

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The production of tropical plants is inseparable from photosynthesis, and providing an effective light source is a necessary means to increase production and efficiency. Through different light quality combinations and lighting modes, the tropical plant grow light can effectively provide the plants that grow at different stages with the required light, so as to achieve the effect of increasing production and efficiency. Therefore, if you want to learn more tropical plant grow lights, please contact us.

Tropical Plant Grow Light

Tropical Plant Grow Light

Our tropical plant grow lights rely on advanced technology to design more efficient functions, which can automatically adjust the growth brightness of tropical plants at any stage. Therefore, our tropical plant grow lights not only meet the growth needs of different tropical plants but also help customers save electricity, as a safe and cost-saving tool.

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Are LED Lights Good For Tropical Plants?

The LED plant growth lights can adjust the light intensity according to the temperature demand, have a simple structure, convenient operation, and low application cost. Through the use of tropical plant growth lights, the growth cycle of fruits and vegetables is significantly shortened, the yield is significantly improved, the sweetness of fruits and vegetables is increased, and the problems of diseases and insect pests are effectively reduced, and fruits and vegetables are safer and healthier.

What Grow Light Is Best For Tropical Plants?

Grow Lights For Tropical Plants Tropical Plant Light

When using point light sources for light supplementation, traditional agriculture generally uses electric light sources and uses plastic film covering technology to regulate the cultivation environment and promote plant growth and development. However, there are problems such as the illumination below the light compensation point and the impure light quality treatment. When encountering continuous rainy weather, plants cannot effectively carry out photosynthesis. Therefore, a new type of plant growth light which can provide plant proper light at any time is a better choice for plant growth.

What Color Grow Light For Tropical Plants?

Our tropical plant grow lights have a full spectrum which comprises 212 red LEDS(630-660nm) and 77 blue LEDs(460-470nm). The full spectrum has the electric capacity to replace 150W HPS/MH plant light while consuming only 45W. This kind of light with a full spectrum can not only meet the growth needs of all tropical plants but also help consumers reduce electricity cost.

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