EC4330 Controller

EC4330 Controller

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When the LED grow lights have the function of switching the spectrum, our controller can realize the spectrum switch.

Advantages of EC4330 Controller

  • Four channels control.

  • Power control.

  • Scene mode setting.

  • Time-division power or switch control.

  • Sunrise and sunset settings,PPFD settings.

  • Reduce power or turn off lights at high temperature.

  • Function expansion: PPFD test smart socket carbon dioxide test……


1. 0-10V can only be connected to 0-10V port 485 can only connect to port 485

2. L2, L3. L4 can choose to synchronize with the LI channel, select Sync in the setting interface of L2, L3. L4.

Note: The power input port must use our 12V adapter plug. If the machine is dam aged by using other plug, it is not within the free warranty.

Product Structure

Specifications of EC4330 Controller

Product size: 160*98*33mm

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