Led plant growth lamp products are not easy to ignore several problems

Plant photosynthesis mainly relies on the blue and red parts of visible light, the spectral measurement data in any lamp can be known under the visible light will contain more or less red and blue parts of the spectrum, so the plant can also be photosynthesized under the light. Although plants grow better in sunlight, plant growth lights can play a substitute role in certain situations.

Some people use ordinary lamps at home to irradiate plants and find that the effect is very poor. If ordinary lamps are tested with professional equipment, it is obvious that its spectrum is very messy and the professional data looks very poor, while the lamp beads of the plant grow lights are emitted through special customized lamp beads with a specific spectrum, which is naturally more professional, more efficient and higher utilization of the spectrum. The photosynthesis of plants no longer need to worry, if you need to fill the light, it is recommended that it is best to buy plant growth lights, so that the effect will be better, so that your beloved plants no longer have to worry about growth.

LED lighting products have a broad market prospect, especially in the field of lighting. At present, LED products applied to the field of lighting are more, such as LED fence lights, LED lawn lights, LED spotlights, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights, etc.. Although we all know more about LED light source with energy saving, long life, no radiation (environmentally friendly light source) and other advantages, but a few key issues related to LED products also need to pay attention to.

First, led plant growth lights using DC constant current power supply

LED products to use a special switching power supply (constant current source) to power LED products, so as not to affect the service life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high. So some manufacturers to reduce the cost of products using a resistive capacitance step-down method to the LED product power supply, which will directly affect the life of LED plant lights.

Second, led plant grow lights to do anti-static measures

Different quality levels of LED products, the ability to resist static electricity are not quite the same, so LED products in the process of production to use certain anti-static measures, such as: bench grounding, wear anti-static clothing, wear anti-static ring, gloves, etc., the conditions can be installed anti-static ion fan, but also to ensure that the humidity at about 65%, so as not to produce too dry air static electricity, especially green light LED plant light, it is relatively easier to be damaged by static electricity.

Third, the temperature rise will make led plant grow light internal resistance becomes smaller

When the external ambient temperature rises, the LED plant light source resistance will be reduced, the choice of constant current source power supply to ensure that the LED working current is not affected by the external temperature.

Fourth, led plant growth light products sealed

LED products applied in outdoor, are faced with waterproof, moisture sealing problems, if not handled well will directly affect the service life of LED products. The use of traditional epoxy resin "pouring" method to seal the LED products, this method of operation is relatively troublesome, will cause the weight of the product increases.

LED products on the market at present, the quality of good and bad hanging, good quality LED light source brightness, light decay is small, anti-static ability, long service life, but the price is several times more expensive than the cheap. Although some LED lighting projects using low-quality low-cost LED light source, then will not find any problems, but will soon be "defective", so manufacturers and users do not "fight" in the price. Choose a moderately priced, good quality led plant growth light source to ensure the life of the lighting project.

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