Mushroom Grow Light

Mushroom Grow Light

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Mushroom is a kind of natural food with rich color, fresh, crisp, delicious, balanced nutrition, and therapeutic value. The increasingly prosperous edible fungus market not only brings vitality to the edible fungus industry but also puts forward higher requirements. Different kinds of mushrooms and different development stages have different requirements for light intensity. Different light intensity and light quality can significantly change the length of stipe and the shape of cap.

The light intensity and light quality of LED mushroom growth lamps are controllable, and different light can be adjusted according to the different growth stages of edible fungi. It can make the mycelium grow thicker and stronger, and the shape and color of fruiting body are more beautiful, which can also effectively improve the quality. So as to achieve the purpose of increasing income and value.

Mushroom Grow Light

Mushroom Grow Light

LED mushroom growth lights are rich in wavelengths, which coincide with the spectral range of plant photo synthesis and photo morphogenesis. S1200+ Grow Lights can concentrate the light of specific wavelength and irradiate crops evenly, which can significantly improve the content of vitamins and other nutrients in plants. The system has less heat and small occupied space. S1200+ Grow Lights can be used in multi-layer cultivation three-dimensional combination system to realize low heat load and miniaturization of production space.

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Do LED grow lights work for Mushroom?

Different light intensity and light quality can significantly change the length of stipe and the shape of cap. LED mushroom growth light can make the growth of mycelia thicker and thicker. The shape and color of fruiting bodies are more beautiful and beautiful, and can also effectively enhance the quality. LED mushroom growth light has a positive effect on mushroom growth, which can increase the yield of mushrooms by 30%-76%, depending on the environment.

How Many Watts Grow Light For Mushroom?

Led Mushroom Grow Lights Grow Light For Mushroom

Different wavelengths of light had different effects on the growth of mushrooms. On the basis of natural light, supplementary lighting in blue band and red band can be added, which has a significant effect on regulating the growth of mushrooms. Mushrooms must have a certain luminosity stimulation in order to cause effective photosynthesis of mushrooms. According to the growth characteristics of different kinds of mushrooms, the light intensity suitable for mushrooms is generally 18w-40w.

What Type Of Grow Light Is Best For Mushroom?

Some mushroom mycelium and fruiting body do not need light, some need some scattered light to stimulate growth, and some need light to inhibit in order to ensure the good mushroom type and the uniformity of growth. No matter what kind of mushrooms and mushrooms, S1200+ Grow Lights are needed. In mushroom house without lighting, S1200+ Grow Lights can play the role of mushroom house lighting, suitable for high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, and high humidity environment to ensure workers working in low pressure safe environment, and provide bright working environment for mushrooms to ensure the quality of mushrooms. In the mushroom room requiring light, our company will provide different lights and installation methods according to the customer's mushroom types, or customize the production according to the customer's requirements for light color and light intensity.

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