Grow Lights For Greenhouse

Grow Lights For Greenhouse

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Greenhouse growers around the world use Philips indoor grow lights to improve vegetable, fruit, and floriculture crops. Whether you focus on propagation, growth of young plants, or commercial-scale yields, Philips offers the best greenhouse LED grow lights to increase performance for any situation. Our range of horticulture LED grow lights can be used for greenhouses with standard benches, high-wire set-ups, hydroponic systems, and more.

What Artificial Light is Good for Commercial Greenhouse?

In general, plants that do well in low-light situations or those who need a long-time photosynthetic are the ones that will thrive the most under artificial lights. Some suggestions are Vine Plants like tomatoes and cucumbers, flowers, and cannabis. Some vertical farm also use LED grow lights to grow vegetables. 

What Artificial Light is Good for Commercial Greenhouse?

How LED Growing Light Work for Indoor Greenhouse?

Multi Spectrum Led Grow Lights

Regardless of the need for light supplements for individual greenhouses or commercial greenhouse planting, Supreme Grow Light provides both suitable small business and commercial greenhouse led grow lights for different growers from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and some other regions, to meet the growers planting needs and we received many positive feedbacks from them.

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FAQs of Commercial or Small Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

Does a small greenhouse need ventilation?

Even the smallest greenhouse requires vents for a good cross-breeze. Vents alone may provide sufficient ventilation for a very small greenhouse, but the addition of a fan will greatly improve air circulation. The larger the size of the greenhouse, the more air vents it will need, as there is a greater volume of air that needs to circulate.

Do I need grow lights in my greenhouse?

When you want a garden suitable for all seasons, grow lights is necessary. They are especially important in greenhouses in winter. When it comes to lighting a greenhouse, nothing works better than natural light. If you use your greenhouse to grow plants in winter, or if the structure or placement of your greenhouse limits the light that enters it, you may need supplemental light. Fulton system is one of the best solutions for the growers' requirements. Grow lights are the best way to provide continuous warmth and healthy lighting for overwintering plants. Although different people need different types, shapes, and spectrums of light, there are always some products that surpass others.

How long to leave grow lights on in greenhouse?

The optimal time to keep grow lights on plants is six to sixteen hours. But since the response to this common question depends on many factors, I will try my best to explain everything thoroughly. One thing is for sure, the idea of keeping grow lights on for a whole day, isn't really good and can damage and kill your plants.

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