What Kind of Light is Generally Used to Supplement the Light of Grapes and Eggplants in Greenhouses?

1. LED grow lights for herbs for grape supplementary light in greenhouses

Special attention should be paid to the light when growing grapes in the greenhouse. Grapes are a light-loving plant and have relatively high requirements for light. Light intensity and time can not only affect the healthy growth of plants, but also affect the yield and sweetness of grapes.

Therefore, when planting grapes in greenhouses in spring and winter, we must pay special attention to the light conditions in the greenhouses to ensure the healthy growth of grapes.

Plant growth lights can be used to supplement light for growing grapes in greenhouses. Plant growth lights can replace sunlight to meet the light requirements of plant growth at any time. Its spectrum and power can be customized according to the needs of crops.

LED grow light for herbs is one of the most widely used growth lamps. Because of its low calorific value, small footprint, and customizable composite spectrum, it has been greatly welcomed. It is widely used in home planting, greenhouse planting, and laboratory planting. 

LED grow lights for herbs can not only ensure the progress of photosynthesis by supplementing the light for grapes, but also achieve the effect of increasing production, advancing the market, and enhancing the quality and taste of crops.

2. Eggplant must use LED grow lights for herbs

The eggplants eaten in winter are all products in greenhouses, which can ensure the temperature and water requirements for eggplant growth, but the light intensity and light time in winter are particularly weak.

Even if it is a variety that is resistant to low light, it will have a great impact on the growth and development of eggplant if it encounters long-term fog and haze and the light cannot meet the requirements.

Too weak light will damage both fruit weight and leaf weight. Poor leaf development will affect photosynthesis, thereby affecting the accumulation of organic matter, and weak light is not conducive to the formation of fruit color, especially purple-skinned eggplant.

Plant growth lamps are made according to the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis. There are many types, but from the perspective of cost management benefits, LED plant growth lamps are relatively low in energy consumption, release less heat, and have the effect of environmental protection and energy saving;

In the production of crops, it can provide photosynthetic conditions for plants, promote the growth of plant cells, meet their growth needs, increase resistance, shorten the growth cycle, increase yield, and are effective for seedling growth, flowering and fruiting.

Nowadays, the utilization rate of LED grow lights for herbs is getting higher and higher. Many growers will use plant growth lights when planting in greenhouses, which can play a supplementary light effect on vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

In addition to ensuring the normal progress of photosynthesis, experienced farmers using LED grow lights for herbs can also achieve the effects of increasing production, advancing the market, and bright colors.

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