UV-R Grow Light

UV-R Grow Light

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SUPREME develop GL fixtures to maintain high standards in quality, efficiency and return on investment. The LED market is becoming more mature. eagle grow light adopts a foldable structure design, which can effectively protect the lamp beads and is easy to install.

Advantages of UV-R Grow Light


• Over 3.4 umol per joule efficiency

• Delivers 15% more light to the plant canopy while using 35% less

power than a 1000W DE fixture

• Tailored spectrum produces desirable crop traits 11 year diode life

operating 12 hours per day

• 5 year warranty

• Highly reflective panels redirect photons back to canopy to

increase PPFD by 2% versus bar style fixtures

• Strategic diode placement increases uniformity of light delivery to


• SUPREME Light Output Control to precisely control PPF output

when paired with controller

• Low profile maximizes vertical growing space with remote capable


• 100-480V Driver options

• Damp location rated protection against water and dust

• Zero maintenance


• Vegetable and fruit planting

• Flower cultivation

• City farming

LED Growth Light Product Spectrum & PPFD Reading

Specifications of UV-R Grow Light

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