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When the external environment is bad and cannot meet the light conditions and suitable temperature required for outdoor plant growth, the grow lights for outdoor plants provided by our company can provide sufficient light and suitable temperature for plants. At the same time, the grow lights for outdoor plants provided by our company use LEDs, which increase production and efficiency while also saving customers' electricity bills. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Do UV Lights Help Plants Grow

Any plant is suitable for LED grow lights, including crops, flowers, medicinal materials, and so on. In a poor outdoor environment and a cold planting environment, especially sun-loving plants need plenty of light and warmth. Our full-spectrum LED plant growth lights can provide the growth conditions needed for sun-loving plants, especially the red and blue light in an LED system can promote the plants growth and increase productivity.

Do UV Lights Help Plants Grow

Can Grow Lights Replace Sun

Low Energy Grow Lights

Regardless of the need for light supplements for outdoor plants, Supreme Grow Light provides both suitable small business and commercial led grow lights for different growers from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and some other regions, to meet the growers planting needs and we received many positive feedbacks from them.

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FAQs of Grow Lights For Outdoor Plants

Do Plants Need UV Light?

When the outdoor environment is harsh, plant growth lights will play an important role in outdoor plants. If you live in an apartment or within a large city, it may be nearly impossible to find adequate garden space to have a garden. Even the tiniest gardens require life-giving light to help them grow, after all, plants can't go through photosynthesis and make their food without it! Luckily, Our products aim to provide sufficient light and temperature even in the tiniest gardens.

How Long Should Solar Powered Grow Lights Outdoor Be On Plants?

The light duration of the plant growth lights depends on the type of plants, the weather at the planting location, and the current season. These factors will affect the efficiency of plant growth lights on plants. If the planting environment has sufficient natural light, there is no need for too much artificial light. On the contrary, if the plant does not absorb enough natural light, it needs more artificial light. It is recommend that the lighting time of the plant growth lights should be kept at 8 to 16 hours a day.

What Type Of Grow Light Is Best For Outdoor Plants?

Different plants require different growth conditions, so our company has designed a variety of functional plant growth lights, there are all-round plant growth lights, which are good for all plants. There are plant growth lights specifically for herbal medicines, and plant growth lights for different environments are also designed. Diversified choices provide customers with a broader choice space.

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