How to use LED plant lights?

Previously, LED lights were used only for auxiliary lighting. Growers can use HID grow lights, but for more power, if the plants need extra light, we need to use LED grow lights. As LEDs improve, larger LED panels can provide light for the entire growth chamber. LEDs are not used when other lighting systems require large ballasts and cooling systems. You can hang round or square or any other shape panels above the plants. The process of using LED grow lights is given below.

1. The first step of LED plant light: adjust the height of the light hanging above the plant

Early plant growth stage: place the lamp about 300mm above the plant. Therefore, it ensures the minimum inter-node length and provides inter-node. Vegetative period: now increased distance between light and plants, probably between 300-600mm. Plants with many leaves will need to lower the light so that the light can reach the lower branches of these plants. Also, keep the LEDs above 300mm if your factory requires high lighting levels, and keep the LEDs above 600mm if we need lower lighting levels. Flowering, germination stage: here you can also maintain a height of 300-600 mm from the crown of the tree. But 400 mm is a favorable height above the roof.

2. The second step of LED plant light: change the way of watering

If you are just starting out with farm LED lights, watering may cause some problems. Watering guidelines are mostly based on lighting. During this process, water vapor evaporation occurs. That's why it needs watering. However, watering or fertilizing is not an issue when it comes to LED grow lights. So watering can be dangerous for the plants.

3. The third step of LED plant lights: need to supplement nutrition for plants

But that's not what you want. In the presence of LED grow lights, there are norms for feeding. You need to provide plants with 30% of the HPS lighting source. Add Cal-Mag when your plants are growing under LED lighting. In a hydroponic system, evaporation is reduced, so you have to provide a small amount of nutrients.

4. LED Grow Light Step 4: In winter, you need to provide more heat in the room

This will promote plant growth. The heat in the growing area is much lower than that of HPS lighting. So in winter, this can cause some problems, so if you use LED grow lights, you should pay attention to the plants.

Growing plants is an amazing job in today's changing climate. So you can contribute to protecting the environment by making it greener. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of growth is necessary. Also, during certain seasons, light intensity may vary from previous times. Therefore, your previously producing plants or crops must be altered and production is hindered. Keeping all of this in mind, a farm LED light investment is the best choice.

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