How do LED plant growth lights affect flower growth?

1. The role of LED plant growth lights in flower growth

LED plant growth lights can emit spectral growth light close to sunlight. In the absence of sunlight, they can provide the light needed for plant photosynthesis and affect plant growth, flowering and fruiting. The problem faced by indoor planting flowers is lack of sunlight and long-term insufficient light. cause flower death.

Nowadays, using LED plant growth lights to plant flowers indoors can keep the growth cycle of flowers from being affected by the climate, so that we can see beautiful flowers in winter.

2. LED plant growth lights adjust the flowering cycle of plants

LED plant growth lights have high lighting efficiency, low heat generation, long service life, and are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. As auxiliary light, LED plant growth lights can extend the light time of plants, let plants receive as much light as possible, and improve plant growth and quality.

The entire growth cycle of indoor flower plants includes growth, flowering and fruiting, and plant growth lights provide different spectral conditions to supplement photosynthesis according to different growth stages of flowers.

LED plant growth lights promote the production of chlorophyll, promote the growth of plant seedlings, and promote the growth of plant stems.

Flowers and plants growing under natural light are greatly affected by the environment, and the flowering period is only one or two months a year. When encountering the influence of rain and snow, the flowering period will be missed, and a year's efforts will be in vain.

Indoor flower planting, reasonable use of LED plant growth lights can control the environment of flower growth, such as temperature, light, etc. The growth of flowers is not affected by the natural environment, and flowers can bloom when needed.

Compared with pure natural light, LED plant growth lights, like waterproof outdoor grow lights, can increase light intensity at any time, adjust the photoperiod, and even LED plant growth lights can customize the spectrum, so that flowers can better absorb more light, which can effectively increase the number of flowering and flower quality.

LED plant growth lights produced by plant lamp manufacturer mainly promote the overall growth of plants, supplement light conditions, induce flowering and prolong the flowering period, suitable for long-day flowers.

According to the different functions required, choose the appropriate LED plant growth light, and apply the LED plant growth light to green plants, flowers, vegetables in the balcony and small garden according to the lighting requirements, and supplement the light reasonably.

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