Why Led Plant Grow Lights Are More Popular Than Other Plant Lights?

HID, CFL and LED plant growth lights are all capable of maintaining and promoting indoor plant growth. In this case, why choose LED plant growth lights over CFL or HID? The fact is that in comparison with the other two choices, LED plant light has many advantages.

Grow light led full spectrum is better than others

Although CFL and HID grow lights provide light within the PAR range of the electromagnetic spectrum, a bulb can only emit a specific wavelength of light. Unfortunately, different colors are more effective for different stages of plant growth. This means that when using CFL or HID, indoor gardeners are likely to have to buy two or more different plant growth lights. On the other hand, grow light led full spectrum can provide one color in the spectrum or consumers can also purchase products with full electromagnetic spectrum colors. These are called full spectrum LED plant growth lights.

Grow light led full spectrum consumes less power than other plant lights

It is well-known that LED can emit more light while consuming less power. This means that in comparison with CFL and HID bulbs, LED plant growth lights are very energy-saving and have a longer lifespan.

Grow light led full spectrum is safer than other plant lights

LEDs provide safe options for plant growth lights; especially around the house. They are also different from HID or CFL grow lights because LEDs produce electric light through circuits without the need for gases, mercury, lead or any other harmful elements. If CFL and HID lights are hit or dropped from a high altitude, they are likely to break. This poses a huge health risk because breaking the bulbs of these two lights will cause the release of hazardous gases. Therefore, grow light led full spectrum are the safest choice for indoor gardening.

Grow light led full spectrum is more cost-effective than other plant lights

Although LED plant grow lights are usually the more expensive choice, the total cost of the entire device may actually be cheaper than using a system with CFL or HID. This is because CFL and HID grow lights actually require a ballast to control the current of the bulbs, as well as a reflector, as emitted light is often wasted and needs to be reflected onto the plant. Most importantly, it is well-known that the lifespan of these two plant grow lights is short and needs to be replaced more frequently in comparison with the LED plant light.

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