How to Solve Plant Photosynthesis in Winter with Insufficient Sunlight?

Plant growth requires its own photosynthesis to provide energy, and the process of photosynthesis relies on sunlight. In winter, due to the influence of climate, the amount of rainfall or clouds increases, leading to insufficient sunlight for plants and seriously affecting plant growth. Is there any lamp that can replace the sun to provide plants with photosynthesis and enable healthy growth?

The role of plant greenhouse grow lights

Plant growth is closely related to light. When sunlight is insufficient, plant greenhouse grow lights can be used to increase photosynthesis in plants. Developed according to the natural laws of plant growth and based on the principles of plant photosynthesis, plant growth lamps can replace the sun to supplement light for plants, improve the harm caused by insufficient light, and improve the efficiency of plant production in the greenhouse.

Advantages of LED greenhouse grow lights over ordinary lamps

Sunlight is a natural light source composed of mixed light with different intensities and wavelengths. In addition to visible infrared and ultraviolet rays, it also contains other light waves that can participate in plant growth and metabolism, especially red and blue light waves, which are most sensitive. Red light mainly participates in the synthesis of plant carbohydrates and pigment cells, while blue light stabilizes plant growth and development, preventing excessive elongation of plant stems.

greenhouse grow lights are lamps that supplement light for plants based on the principle of sunlight. In the process of plant growth, the triggering of photosynthesis is mainly supplemented by light. When selecting plant supplement lamps, the power is selected according to the degree of demand for plant photosynthesis.

Currently, plant lighting engineering mainly simulates the shape of the solar spectrum and artificially regulates some light components that are sensitive to plants to promote plant growth. Ordinary lamps do not have the full-spectrum characteristics required by plants. In order for lamps to replace sunlight and provide plants with light, the spectrum of the lamps must be the same as that of sunlight and have light that can be absorbed and utilized by plants. Different plants have different absorption and utilization of light. Some plants only need to supplement red and blue light, so they need red and blue light supplement lamps, while others need to supplement all spectra of light, requiring full-spectrum supplement lamps.

The LED grow lights for greenhouse produced by the supremegrowlight have many effects in terms of spectrum and power, and can supplement light for plants. They also support customization and are service providers for plant supplement lamps today. Welcome to consult online!

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