Effects of Using Grow Lights

1. Can plant growth lights supplement light and increase temperature?

When many growers use greenhouses to grow plants in autumn and winter, the main requirement is to control the temperature, but at the same time they also need to worry about the impact of greenhouse film and other equipment on the light, which may easily cause insufficient light to affect the growth of plants.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of light, many people will use good LED plant grow lights to supplement the light for plants.

The plant growth lamp is made according to the principle of photosynthesis of the use of sunlight by plants. It can play a role in supplementing light for plants in any place, and its function is to supplement light for plants.

The greenhouse also needs to ensure the temperature in the greenhouse to ensure the temperature requirements for plant growth, so it is also necessary to artificially increase the temperature in the greenhouse to ensure the temperature.

In the greenhouse, it is necessary to supplement the light and increase the temperature, so many people will ask that the plant growth lamp can also increase the temperature of the greenhouse when choosing the plant growth lamp. Can the plant growth lamp increase the temperature of the greenhouse?

The growth of plants has certain requirements for light intensity, and the distance between the plant growth lamp and the plant affects the effect of the light on the supplementary light of the plant, so pay attention to the distance between the two when installing the plant growth lamp.

The plant growth lamp will emit a certain amount of heat when it is working. If the temperature is too high and the distance is too close, it will cause burns to the plants. Therefore, when choosing a plant growth lamp, pay attention to the heat generated by the plant growth lamp.

If the plant growth lamp wants to play the role of warming, it will emit a lot of heat, and the plant growth lamp must pay attention to the distance determined by the light intensity, so it will cause burns to the plants, and too high temperature will also affect the temperature of the plants. The service life of the grow light will increase the power consumption.

To sum up, very few plant growth lights are made to have the effect of both supplementary light and warming, so as not to affect the effect of supplementary light and to avoid affecting the life of the plant growth lamp.

2. What impact will the use of inappropriate plant growth lights have on the growth of plants?

More and more growers choose to use plant growth lamps to supplement light when planting crops. Appropriate plant growth lamps can promote the growth of crops, increase production and advance the market.

However, there are many types of plant growth lights, and there are many kinds of spectrum and power. If you choose inappropriately when using plant growth lights, it may cause adverse effects.

The spectrum of the plant growth lamp has red and blue light spectrum, full spectrum, mixed powder light spectrum, and the power is also large and small, and the size of the power determines the size of the light intensity. Different types of plants have different requirements for the spectrum of sunlight. For The intensity and time requirements of the light are also different.

When the grower supplements the light for the crops, if the selected plant growth lamp is not suitable, the effect of supplementing the light may be counterproductive.

For example, after a sweet potato seedling grower used the plant growth lamp, he found that the new leaves of the seedlings were deformed, curled, withered, and the survival rate was low, which caused serious losses. After analysis, it was because the wrong supplementary light spectrum was selected.

The spectrum is not suitable for plant growth, which will have a more serious impact on the growth of the plant. If the power of the plant growth lamp is too large, it will cause too much light and cause burns to the plant.

If the power is too low, the light intensity will be weak, and it will not achieve a good fill light effect. Therefore, when choosing plant growth lights, pay attention to the spectrum and power. Appropriate plant growth lights will supplement light for more crops to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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