Functions of Grow Lights for Plants

Nowadays, there are various flowers in our daily life, even some flowers are not in season. Do you know how to plant the counter-season flowers? If you often go to the park to visit exhibitions, you will find that the flowering phase is extremely long and the flowers are bright. However, the flowers planted by yourself usually wilt in a short time. There is no need to be surprised because these beautiful flowers are given the credit to the grow lights for plants. Many of the flowers come from flower pots or professional flower greenhouses, where plant growth lights are used. Some people have doubts, why can plant growth lights prolong the growth cycle of plants and make them have a longer viewing period?

Ⅰ. The roles of grow lights for plants

This is because the plant growth lamp has the function of supplementary light, and after using it, it is equivalent to increasing the time of light for the plant. Plant growth lights generally use red spectrum light and blue spectrum light and adjust the color temperature through the two types of light, to achieve the purpose of helping plants grow. Plant growth must go through photosynthesis. All kinds of spectrums in nature are helpful for plant growth. For example, ultraviolet rays can help plants sterilize and promote photosynthesis to achieve the purpose of helping plants grow.

The principle of the plant growth lamp is also very simple. It uses a special light source to simulate the light required for photosynthesis, thereby helping the growth of plants. At present, there are many varieties of grow lights for plants on the market, the materials used are different, and the prices are also high and low. So if you want to buy a plant growth lamp, you must first look at the role of various raw materials. For different materials, the role of plant growth lights is somewhat different.

Ⅱ. The importance of LED grow lights for herbs

The LED herb grow lights use solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. When a forward voltage is applied to both ends, the carrier fluid in the semiconductor recombines, releasing excess energy and causing photon emission to produce visible light. Advantages High efficiency, pure light color, low energy consumption; durable and long life; safety and environmental protection, instant startup; anti-vibration, cold light source, low heat on the surface of the lamp body for a long time, good heat dissipation.

The main reason why grow lights for plants use special lamps is that the light required for plant photosynthesis is different from our daily lighting. Plant growth requires the use of the sun's light energy to assimilate carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) to make organic matter and release oxygen, a process called photosynthesis. And only UV plant grower can meet the above conditions because only LED lights can emit the spectrum required for plant growth, plants need suitable light rays for photosynthesis, and the spectral range is crucial to plant physiology.

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