Avoid These Traps when Choosing Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Planting!

With the development of technology, the plant grow light is well known by more and more people. The greenhouse has a good effect on the seedling, growth, and flowering of any crop. Now it is not limited to the greenhouses used for agricultural planting. It is also widely used in many household plantings. It can supplement light to crops in cloudy and rainy days or cloudy environments with weak sunlight. However, there are many types of plant grow lights. When choosing grow lights for home planting, one should pay special attention to this point.

Red and blue grow lights and full spectrum growing lights

According to the absorption and utilization of sunlight by plant photosynthesis, people have developed red and blue grow lights and full spectrum growing lights. Many greenhouse growers will choose red and blue grow lights when filling light because the red and blue grow light has a significant role in promoting plant growth, promoting the growth of stems and leaves and blossom and yield fruit. Besides, with it flowers can have bright colors and overgrowth will never occur.

Why choose full-spectrum growing lights instead of red and blue to grow lights

The red and blue grow light has a good effect on plants, but because of its light color, it is not suitable to choose the red and blue light spectrum when we are filling light for indoor home planting. The red and blue grow light gives out pink light and people will feel dizzy, nauseous, and unwell in this environment for a long time. The red and blue grow light used in the greenhouse is mostly used when no one is working in the shed. And because the color of the light is pink, it is easy to cause misunderstanding and adverse effects when it is used indoors. Therefore, it is not recommended to use red and blue grow lights for indoor planting. The full spectrum growing light also has a good effect in terms of plant grow light, so you can choose to use the full spectrum growing light when growing crops indoors.

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