Plant growth lamp power

1. How many watts does the plant growth lamp have to be effective?

The light intensity and time of the sun have an impact on the growth of plants. The light intensity affects the progress of photosynthesis, and the power of the growth lamp determines the light intensity. How many watts of the plant growth light can ensure the effect of supplementing light on plants?

Different crops have different requirements for light intensity, and the same crop has different requirements for light intensity in different growth periods.

Therefore, when choosing the power of the growth lamp, it should be determined according to the type of crops, and different growth environments have different requirements for the power of the plant growth lamp.

The light of greenhouses or indoor planting is blocked by buildings, which will lead to a decrease in light transmittance and utilization rate, and the light intensity will also be affected. Therefore, plant growth lights are mostly used for supplementary light in greenhouse planting.

Light intensity affects the progress of plant photosynthesis and thus affects the growth of plants, so the requirements of crop photosynthesis for light intensity should be considered when selecting power.

The intensity of light requires carbon dioxide, light and a suitable temperature. When other conditions are up to standard, the stronger the light intensity within a certain range, the stronger the photosynthesis.

But when the carbon dioxide and temperature are stable, when the light reaches the light saturation point, even if the light intensity increases, the photosynthesis will no longer increase.

Therefore, when choosing the wattage of plant growth lamps, it should be selected according to the light compensation point and light saturation point of the crop. At the same time, the dark and dark planting environment requires a larger light intensity.

If the oxygen concentration increases, the light saturation point also increases, and the light intensity can also be increased by increasing the power of the grow lamp, thereby promoting photosynthesis.

2. Does using the wrong plant growth lamp have a great impact on the plants?

For the healthy growth of plants, people need to use plant growth lights to ensure the progress of photosynthesis when planting crops, especially in greenhouses and indoor planting, the use of plant growth lights is essential.

There are many types of plant growth lamps. Choosing the correct growth lamp and using the correct method of use can increase crop production, advance the market, enhance quality and taste, and flowers can have bright colors and prolong the flowering period.

The premise of all this is that the effect brought by the correct use of the plant growth lamp, so will the wrong use of the plant growth lamp affect the plants?

The growth of plants needs sunlight to carry out photosynthesis to produce organic matter to ensure their own growth, and the requirements of plants for sunlight include light intensity and time. In addition, plants absorb and utilize different wavelengths of sunlight in different ways.

The power of the plant growth lamp, like grow lights for tomatoes, determines the light intensity of the grow light.  If the light intensity is too high, it will cause burns to the crops, and if the light is too strong, it will inhibit photosynthesis. If the light is too weak, it will not meet the light intensity requirements of photosynthesis.

Therefore, the power of crop growth lights is too high or too low will affect the growth of plants. LED plant growth lights, such as light for aloe plant, are now used more growth lights. In addition to red and blue light and full spectrum, its spectrum can also be customized.

The wrong spectrum will cause the growth of crop stems and leaves to shrink, grow weak, or even kill. The use of growth lights cannot promote plant growth or even have the opposite effect.

Therefore, the wrong choice of grow lights will not only fail to achieve the effect of supplementary light, but will even cause more serious adverse effects than the gains.

Now there are many types of grow lights. The choice of grow lights is related to the planting environment and the type of crops. When choosing, you can ask the buyer. The right plant grow lights can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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