What are the effects of LED plant growth lights on vertical agriculture?

Vertical farming is a revolutionary and sustainable agricultural method that does not require so much space and water requirements, and is a sustainable agricultural innovation that has no impact on the ecological environment.

But the demand for light has never changed, so LED plant growth lights are needed to supplement light. The emergence of LED plant growth lights brings infinite possibilities for the development of vertical agriculture.

1. LED plant growth lights can increase plant production

The energy needed for plant growth comes from the photosynthesis of plants, which requires sunlight, and LED plant growth lights can supplement the light for plants when the light is insufficient, and promote the accumulation of dry matter in plants, thus achieving the purpose of increasing production.

2. LED plant growth lights can make crops go to market early

LED plant growth lights can shorten the growth cycle of plants, promote the growth of plants, and make crops appear on the market 7-15 days in advance, greatly improving the economic income of users.

3. LED plant growth lights have high light efficiency

90% of the light emitted by LED plant growth lights can be absorbed by plants. Traditional plant lights such as high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps can absorb only 8--10% of the light for photosynthesis.

4. Low power consumption of LED plant growth lights

LED plant growth lights consume very little power, so users don't have to worry about the cost of plant growth lights.

5. Long service life of LED plant growth lights

Vertical farming led grow lights have an extremely long lifespan, with an ultra-long lifespan of 50,000 hours, to ensure that the product can operate safely and efficiently for a long time.

6. LED plant growth lamps are environmentally friendly

LED grow lights, such as grow lights for tomato plants, are safe, environmentally friendly and contain no toxic mercury. Our LED grow lights use 10%-30% more energy than traditional lights, consuming less energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions into our environment.

Vertical farming is becoming an increasingly accepted method of production. And these innovative technologies will become more and more popular and will completely change the face of agriculture in the future!

The development of agricultural planting is inseparable from light, and the same is true for vertical farming, and most of them are grown indoors, so it is natural to need supplemental light.

Now LED plant growth lights are the most popular plant growth lights for indoor planting. With the development of vertical agriculture, LED plant growth lights will bring a wave of new markets and opportunities.

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