The Difference Between Grow Light Lamp for Plants and Ordinary Lamp

Some people have a very high demand for house decoration. Even if the problem of lighting is concerned, we will pay special attention to it. If you take the part of lighting seriously, we must first look at the difference between the grow light lamp for plants and the ordinary light is. Only by knowing the difference between them can we make the final decision. And many people still do not know the necessity of the grow light lamp for plants.

Ⅰ. The difference between the grow light lamp for plants and the ordinary lamp

The plant lamps have high requirements for Ra. They are close to the sunlight, which is the so-called full spectrum, and the different plants need different spectrums. At present, supplementary light cultivation has been paid more attention to agricultural production, especially in protected cultivation. The light supplement can realize off-season cultivation, improve the yield and quality, break the dormancy, and achieve a special cultivation effect. In the process of the rapid propagation of the plants, the use of supplemental light is more efficient because it is produced in highly intensive environments, which is much better than that in the cultivation. Even though the cost is increased, it is still very cost-effective. Therefore, the use of plant growth lights to supplement light has become an essential agricultural technology measure in the rapid propagation of plants. Using the plant growth lights to supplement light uses artificial light sources for the plants to create a suitable environment for photosynthesis. Supreme solar grow lights for outdoor plants and vertical grow lights will help your agriculture project at competitive price.

Ⅱ. The necessity of the grow light lamp for plants

The grow light lamp for the plants is an artificial light source, usually an electric light source. It mainly stimulates plant growth by emitting the electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. The grow light lamp for the plants is used in applications without natural lighting or the need to fill light. For example, in winter, when the daylight time may not be enough to supply the plant growth, the lamps can be used to extend the time for plants to receive light. If the plants don't get enough light, they will only grow in vain. Supreme's grow light for aloe vera plant, led grow lights for tomatoes and cactus grow light will not have these problems.

Light is closely related to the growth of crops. Photosynthesis will be directly related to the benefits of agricultural production to capture the lightest energy and fully exploit the plant's potential. Photosynthesis will be directly associated with the help of farm output. In recent years, the commercial greenhouse grow lights has been widely used to produce off-season flowers, fruits and vegetables driven by the market demand. Due to the short sunshine time in winter and spring, slow crop growth and low yield, it is urgent to replenish the light.

If the light intensity of the grow light lamp for the plants is lower than that of the plant, then the consumption of the organic matter is more than that of accumulation. The plants declined in mass and even died. And the plant appears wilted or futile, even in the low light conditions.

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