Quality Creates lasting Influence-Product Lifespan

With the economic financialization and the excessive development of the Internet of the economy, people are easily attracted by superficial phenomena, which often arouse the essence of objects.

Without the basic crankshaft, linkage principle, and driving principle, even with the most advanced autopilot technology, Tesla still cannot take people to the destination. Without the support of generations of CUP basic algorithms and the development of industrial design, iPhone still cannot become an indispensable assistant for people's life and work.

Excessive development of the Internet and ignorance of entities will inevitably lead to economic bubbles, which will eventually lead to a decrease in social wealth and a slowdown in development.


Therefore, whenever we design and produce products, we must always focus on the twisted logic of production. Let the quality of the product have a long-term influence on brand creation.

When an industrial product is put into use in a project, its performance determines the effect of the project. Similarly, product life will directly affect the overall profitability of the project.

Today we talk about the product lifespan of LeDinPro.

LED light source device performance will affect the life of the fixture

LED chips are components related to life. The main indicators of LED chips are attenuation characteristics and thermal stability. If the indicator performance of the LED chips is not good enough, it will cause quality problems and will seriously affect the service life of the light fixture.

LeDinPro horticulture lights strictly control the purchase channel of LED chips from professional suppliers such as Samsung and OSRAM. All materials passed strict quality inspection. The advanced SMT assembly production line ensures a high-quality rate.

LED Grow Lights Supporting parts

LED has a lot of supporting parts, such as circuit boards, plastic shells, switching power supplies, cabinets, etc. Quality problems in any of the parts may cause the lifespan reduced of the LED fixture.

The product experts of LeDinPro horticulture light work closely with the factory. From optical design, structural design, electronic design, to sample experiment, to the production line, every component is strictly screened, and each structural method has been verified hundreds of times. And strictly implement the production process in the production line.

LED Grow Lights Production process

The production process is also a key factor in determining product life. It is difficult to guarantee the durability of modules made by inferior three-proof processing. When temperature and humidity change, cracks will appear on the protective surface of the circuit board, resulting in a decrease in protective performance.

The production processes of LeDinPro LED horticulture lights to include: component storage and pretreatment process, furnace welding process, three-proof treatment process, waterproof sealing process, etc. The production process of LED horticulture lights determines their durability.

Through sincere cooperation of R&D and factories for several years, we have won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. LeDinPro product experts have always believed that producing products of unreliable quality is equivalent to producing industrial waste that harms market holistic value. Only when the benefits of the brand, factory, products, and customers are connected together, can we truly create value and create wealth.

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