How does LED plant growth lamp dissipate heat in use?

Electronic products will generate heat during operation, and heat dissipation is an indispensable part. LED plant growth lights are no exception. If they are in the working state for a long time, they will generate a lot of heat.

If the heat dissipation problem is not solved, it will not only affect the LED plant growth lamp pearl decay and other problems, but also may cause a short circuit, which will eventually affect the service life of the LED plant growth lamp.

Plant lights can be divided into high-power plant lights and low-power plant lights. LED plant growth lights will generate heat during use, causing the ambient temperature to rise.

At present, low-power LED plant growth lights can be used without special heat dissipation measures, only a basic heat dissipation structure is required, because LED plant growth lights have high electro-optical conversion efficiency and relatively no heat generation.

This is not the case for high-power LED plant growth lamps. If the heat dissipation problem is ignored, it will not only affect the service life of the LED plant growth lamp, but also burn out the lamp tube and affect the normal growth of the irradiated plants.

1. The main heat dissipation measures taken by LED plant growth lights

1. Fan cooling

The principle of using a fan to transfer the heat generated by the LED plant growth lamp to the air is simple. It is the same as the heat dissipation principle of the computer and TV used in daily life.

The fan is used to convect the air to ensure that the temperature of the air around the heating element will not be too high. The LED plant growth lamp is simply generated by the fan and transferred to the hot air in the air, and then supplemented with normal temperature air to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

2. Natural heat dissipation

Natural heat dissipation means that no external measures are required, working directly inside the LED grow light. The main principle is to make the LED plant growth lamp have a larger contact area with the air, and use components with better thermal conductivity, so as to better produce lamps.

The heat is transferred to the air, and then through natural convection, that is, the hot air rises and the cold air fills the position, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the LED plant growth lamp.

At present, heat dissipation fins, lamp housings, system circuit boards, etc. are mainly used, which is also a method with relatively low cost and good heat dissipation, and is widely used in various electrical equipment.

3. Electromagnetic cooling

Electromagnetic cooling is called electromagnetic jet cooling. Instead of using a fan to convect the gas, electromagnetic vibration is used to drive the cavity in the film to vibrate, so that the air is continuously circulated to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

2. The benefits of heat dissipation of LED plant growth lights

1. Relatively prolong the service life of LED plant growth lights, the service life of LED plant growth lights is about 50,000 hours.  If the heat dissipation is not good, the internal structure will age faster, and the service life of the lamp, such as vertical led grow, will definitely shrink sharply.

2. Light effect. Any artificial light source has light decay. A very important factor affecting the speed of light decay is temperature. High temperature will accelerate the aging of materials.

The same use of LED plant growth lamps, also used for 50,000 hours, in a high temperature environment where the temperature is safe and light, the irradiated crops are undoubtedly the latter, and their total yield and quality are higher than the former.

3. The effective heat dissipation configuration of the LED plant growth lamp also helps to control the ambient temperature. If the plant lamp is not heated, the local temperature around the lamp will be slightly higher for a long time, and the state of plant growth will definitely be different from other places. This is not conducive to the overall temperature control of the greenhouse or plant factory.

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