Characteristics of LEDPlant Lights Aid Plant Growth

Reasonableness of LED plant light spectrum

The LED plant light chip (referred to as the chip below) plays a direct role in supplementing plants with light. It can be said that all the other components of the LED plant growth light serve the chip. The rationality of the LED plant light spectrum is almost entirely determined by the chip. The spectrum includes the wavelength of light produced by the chip after production. Red light promotes plant photosynthesis, mainly affecting plant flowering and fruiting, while blue light enhances the activity of plant chloroplasts, mainly affecting root and stem growth. In addition, a small amount of white, purple, and green light is used in combination.

The combination of chips refers to the ratio of various wavelength chips during the assembly of the LED plant light. Strictly speaking, the chip ratio for different plant types and growth periods would be different. However, considering the impracticality of changing the plant light every few days due to the large workload and high cost, the chip ratio is primarily determined by whether the plant primarily uses its roots and stems or its flowers and fruits. Overall, the ratio of red light chips is higher than that of blue light chips. The rationality of the LED plant light spectrum directly affects the formation of plant light morphology, and it is the primary indicator that should be considered and the most important parameter for evaluating the performance of LED plant lights.

Evenness of LED plant light distribution

Each plant needs to receive light, and it is best if each plant can receive the same amount of light. At the very least, the light intensity, quality, and exposure time of each plant should be relatively similar. Otherwise, some plants with insufficient light exposure may experience poor growth and elongation. While other plants may grow normally, they cannot fully utilize the LED indoor plant lights, leading to unnecessary resource waste.

The main reason for differences in plant growth is the uniformity of light exposure. The uniformity of light exposure can be divided into the uniformity of the distribution of various wavelength chips in the LED plant growth light and the distance distribution between each LED plant light. The distribution of chips is generally determined by the light supplement characteristics of the LED plant light for plants, the chip ratio is calculated, and the chips are distributed on the plant light and encapsulated on the COB panel following a certain pattern to ensure that the light quality and intensity distribution are uniform throughout the primary illumination area of a single LED plant light.

The arrangement of the distance between each LED indoor plant lights mainly depends on the light intensity at the edge of a single LED plant light, and the installation height of the lamp is also considered. The distribution distance between each plant light is determined by comprehensive calculation to ensure the uniformity of light exposure over a large area of plantation. So, in summary, the evenness of LED plant light exposure refers to the uniform distribution of light quality and intensity of a single LED plant light in the middle and around the edges and the distribution of light quality and intensity at the junction of neighboring lights and other light-exposed areas.

High efficiency of LED plant light

From the perspective of human needs, even more energy-saving LED indoor plant lights are required. The efficiency of converting electric energy to light for LED plant lights has made significant strides from the 2%-3% conversion efficiency of incandescent lamps to the 20%-30% conversion efficiency of LED plant lights. Although efforts are being made to pursue higher conversion efficiency in the LED plant supplement field and the entire lighting industry, it seems that this is currently the bottleneck. LED is known as the fourth-generation light source, with energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics that are highly favored by people, but human progress never stops.

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