Can Grow Lamp for Plants Replace Sunlight?

Ⅰ. Can grow lights for plants replace sunlight?

Can full spectrum grow lights for plants really replace sunlight? The answer is yes. Grow lights for plants can replace sunlight. So why? Sunlight is a natural light source, a mixture of light with different intensities and wavelengths. In addition to infrared and ultraviolet rays invisible to the naked eye, it also contains other light waves that can participate in plant growth and metabolism. In particular, red and blue light waves are the most sensitive. Red light mainly participates in the synthesis of plant carbohydrates and pigment cells, while blue light stabilizes plant growth and development to prevent excessive overgrowth of plant stem nodes. The light source released by lamps belongs to the artificial light source, which only simulates natural light and can not wholly replace sunlight. The full spectrum grow lights for plants on the market are mainly full-spectrum LEDs or metal halide lights that continuously emit red and blue waves. When using them, you need to pay attention to the growth laws of plants themselves. Open in the daytime and close in the evening, keep an appropriate safety distance according to the power level, and pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.

We all know that plants need photosynthesis to grow. If plants lack sunlight, they are easy to fade and grow in vain, and easy to lose flower buds, even flowering plants. We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are all grown in greenhouses by LED grow lights for vegetables and fruits. When these plants lack light in the greenhouse, the farmers will use greenhouse led grow lights to help them grow. So the question is, can grow lamps for plants replace sunlight?

Ⅱ. Why do we use grow lamp for plants?

Why use grow lamp for plants? Although most areas lack sunshine in winter, they are not entirely free of sun, especially in the regions that are not particularly cold in winter, and even can spend the winter in the natural environment. Moreover, the growth of potted plants that are not cold-resistant in winter tends to be slow or stagnant, which belongs to the normal growth cycle of plants and the process of accumulating nutrients. They can start to grow normally when the climate warms up in spring. Although sunlight does play a vital role in the growth of plants, it is not the only factor. Controlling the environmental temperature and humidity also positively affects passing the winter smoothly for plants without too much manual intervention. This is why we use grow lamp for plants, and it is also why grow lights for plants can really replace sunlight.

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