Growing Industrial Hemp in a Greenhouse Using Grow Lights

1. The benefits of growing industrial hemp in the greenhouse with plants grow lights

Greenhouse cultivation can effectively increase the content of other cannabinoids such as industrial cannabidiol (CBD), strictly control the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and ensure its stability.

Compared with traditional outdoor planting, growing industrial hemp in a greenhouse with plants grow lights can better control the environment in which industrial hemp grows, including temperature, humidity, light, nutrients, and water. Various environmental factors are the guarantee of the content of various cannabinoids such as industrial hemp CBD.

According to the crop habits and nutrient requirements of industrial hemp, the growth process is regulated to ensure the quality of its growth to the greatest extent. For example, if a seed with a CBD content of about 109 is planted in a greenhouse with houseplant grow lights, it can fully realize its proper CBD content, and even make a breakthrough.

However, if it is planted outdoors, it is impossible to control light, temperature, humidity, pests and diseases, and other natural disasters, and its cannabinoid content is difficult to achieve.

2. Indoor planting of plants grow lights can completely control the content of THC in cannabis crops

As we all know, cannabinoids can be converted into each other according to changes in light and light environment. Taking CBD and THC as examples, the two are actually isomers, which are very similar in element composition and molecular structure.

After years of cultivation research, we discovered that the THC content in cannabis plants can be controlled and changed by lighting them with grow lights.

Because the industrial hemp grown in the greenhouse can strictly control the content of THC. The national standard for the THC content of industrial hemp is limited to less than 0.39%.

Planting indoors with plants grow lights can well control THC within this range. The real-time detection data can not only provide a reliable basis for relevant departments such as the Narcotics Control Bureau, but also avoid economic losses caused by excessive THC detection after harvest.

Years of experiments have shown that China has now fully mastered the methods of controlling the transformation of cannabinoids from industrial hemp grown in greenhouses. Through these methods, the CBD content of different types of industrial hemp grown with plants grow lights has increased significantly during the experiment. improvement.

The THC content is strictly controlled within the national standard range, and the CBD and THC content of different strains of the same species have little difference, and the stability is good.

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