Which Kind of Herb Grow Light is More Suitable for Supplementary Lighting?

As a Chinese herbal medicine, Artemisia annua is well known to people. In 2015, Ms. Tu Youyou from China developed artemisinin, which has a great effect on reducing the mortality caused by malaria. Since then, Artemisia annua has been widely known and used, and there are many applications, and the amount of planting has also begun to increase. Many people have begun to grow Artemisia annua in greenhouses.

Nowadays, besides Artemisia annua, with the development of technology, many Chinese herbal medicines have begun to be grown in greenhouses. Greenhouse cultivation can precisely and well control the growth conditions required for the growth of Chinese medicines, such as the temperature, humidity, light, and fertilizer required for the growth of herbal medicines.

Why choose herb grow light

Many herbal medicines are light-loving plants. To ensure the growth, ingredients, and content of the herbal medicines, the requirements of herbal medicine for sunlight must be met. When growing plants in greenhouses, there are situations such as weakened and insufficient sunlight due to weather. Besides, there are other factors that may reduce the light transmittance and utilization rate in the greenhouse. Therefore, in order to ensure light when growing plants in the greenhouse, people usually use the herb grow light to supplement the light for the plants.

Advantages of LED grow lights for herbs

In terms of herb grow light, LED grow light for herbs is a better choice. It generates less heat. In some lower greenhouses, the light can get close contact with herbal medicine to supplement light and will not produce high heat and cause damage to plants, and the LED grow light for herbs consumes less power, and it can also compound the spectrum to meet the light requirements of different types of herbal medicines.

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