Effects of LED plant growth lighting quality on growth and nutrient quality of Toona sprouts

1. LED plant growth lamps are used in the growth of Chinese toon sprouts

LED plant growth lamps are used to precisely modulate the light quality and light quantity, and the influence of spectral energy distribution on the growth and quality of Chinese toon sprouts is studied, with darkness as a control.

The test results showed that the edible dry weight, whole plant dry weight, edible rate, vitamin C (Vc) and soluble sugar content of Chinese toon sprouts under the white light of LED plant growth lamps were significantly higher than those of the control and other light qualities.

The content of soluble protein and free amino acid in Toona sinensis sprouts under blue light was high and significantly higher than that of the control and other light qualities. Red light significantly reduced nitrate content, followed by white light and blue light.

Compared with the control and other light qualities, the content of total flavonoids in the aerial parts of Toona sinensis sprouts was significantly increased under white light and yellow light, and the content of total flavonoids in the underground parts of sprouts was significantly increased under white light.

Compared with the control, the content of anthocyanins in the cotyledons of Toona sinensis under red light is higher, followed by the yellow light of the plant growth light. Generally speaking, the application of white light is beneficial to the growth of Chinese toon sprouts and improves the edible rate. Improve some nutritional quality.

Chinese toon (Toonasinensis), also known as Chinese toon head and toon bud, is a plant of the genus Toon in the family Meliaceae. Chinese toon sprouts are rich in various antioxidant components, protein and vitamin content are also very rich, pleasant fragrance, deeply loved by people.

2. Research on LED plant growth lights

Plant seedlings are very sensitive to changes in environmental factors during the growth process, especially the light environment. With the development of industrial production of sprouts and the strict requirements of consumers for food safety, in the production process of semi-green and green sprouts By adjusting the light environment to improve yield and quality has attracted people's attention.

LED plant growth lamps have become a new research hotspot in the field of facility cultivation. As the fourth generation of new lighting sources, LED plant growth lamps have many advantages such as convenient spectral energy distribution modulation, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy dispersion or combination control. A light source with application potential.

There have been many reports on the application of LED light quality regulation in plant seedling cultivation in the world, and it has been proved that it has a significant impact on plant morphology, growth and quality.

Shenzhen Fulton Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., as the leader of LED plant growth lights, will continue to innovate and provide new solutions, with the development goal of "win-win with customers, environmental protection", to create a green lighting enterprise and a well-known brand. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult.

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