How to Improve the Efficiency of Plants Grow Lights?

Most of the people who plant now choose to use plants grow lights, which can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers and green plants, greenhouse planting, home planting, plant factories, etc.

But many people will say that there is no effect or the effect is not obvious when using it, so how to improve the use efficiency of plants grow lights? In order to use plants grow lights to be effective, you must pay attention to many aspects when using them. Let's take LED grow lights for herbs as an example.

1. Pay attention to the wavelength range of red and blue light when choosing plants grow lights

The photosynthesis of plants has the largest absorption and utilization rate of red and blue light, but not all red and blue light can play the role of supplementing light for plants, so pay attention to the wavelength range of plant growth lights when choosing red and blue light.

2. Pay attention to the ratio of red and blue light for plants grow lights

Different types of plants, like aloe vera plant light, have different requirements for the ratio of red and blue light, and different red and blue light ratios will have different effects on the same plant. Select the appropriate ratio requirements for the growth state of the plant.

3. Pay attention to the power of LED grow lights for herbs

The power of the plants grow lights determines the light intensity. The light intensity of the plant growth lamp affects the progress of photosynthesis under certain conditions, and the greater the power of the plant growth lamp, the greater the energy consumption.

Therefore, when choosing a plant growth light, it is necessary to control the power of the outdoor sun lamp for plants as much as possible according to the requirements of the plant for the light intensity.

4. Pay attention to the distance between the plants grow lights and the plant when using it

Plant growth lights will have a certain amount of heat. If they are too close, they will burn plants. Compared with other grow lights, the heat generation of plant growth lights is less, but there will be a certain amount of heat. At the same time, if the distance is too far, it will affect the growth of plants. light effect.

5. Plants grow lights should pay attention to the fill light time when filling light

Different plants have different requirements for the intensity and time of light, and plants need to sleep just like people, so when using grow lights to fill light, pay attention to set aside a certain amount of time at night for plants to rest.

Plant growth lights are specially developed to supplement light for plants. There are many precautions for the use of plant growth lights. If you choose the right plant growth light and use it correctly, you will definitely see the effect.

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