What Is the Best Duration for LED Plant Lights Irradiation?

LED agricultural grow light is a type of plant light that uses LED (light-emitting diode) as a light source. It replaces sunlight with light to provide an environment for plant growth and development according to the rules of plant growth. The longer the wavelength of light, the more it can promote plant growth, with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple light. Pink light is long wave light that can promote plant growth and achieve the effect of supplementary lighting.

Choosing LED plant lights is to supplement plants with light because the current light is insufficient, and photosynthesis cannot proceed smoothly, resulting in abnormal or slow plant growth. There are some questions to need to be considered after purchasing LED plant lights, such as how long should the plants be illuminated with LED plant lights? How much light should be supplemented to the plants? Can continuous 24-hour lighting supplementation be used? These problems need to be considered from two aspects.

The illumination time for using LED plant lights should be controlled based on the plant's light requirements

It is generally believed that all living things need to rest, so it is not practical to use LED plant lights to supplement plants with light continuously for 24 hours. After many studies and experiments, it has been proven that the ideal time for supplementing plants with light should be controlled at 16-18 hours, and plants need 4-6 hours of rest time.

For plants that like light, in sunny conditions, the period when the sunlight can meet its growth needs is generally from 10:00 to 17:00. In this case, LED plant lights need to be used to supplement the plants' light from 6:00 to 10:00 and 17:00 to 00:00, which means that the time to supplement the plants with plant growth lights needs to be about 11 hours (the rest time for plants should be between 00:00 and 6:00). Similarly, if the plant's light requirements are not very high, and there is already enough sunlight, the time for using LED plant lights to supplement light only needs to be set according to the local sunrise and sunset time, and the light supplementation time should be avoided during the plant's rest time.

The illumination time for using LED plant lights should be set based on the planting environment

The plant's planting environment includes differences in the North and South regions, differences in the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and differences in the received natural light intensity indoors and outdoors. Regional and seasonal differences can be set according to the regularity of light. The closer to the equator, the stronger the light, and the stronger it is in summer and weaker it is in winter, so the LED plant growth light illumination time can be set according to the local situation.

The difference in acceptable light intensity for indoor and outdoor planting is significant, and indoor plants require 16-18 hours of full-time supplementation with LED plant lights. The light intensity of LED plant lights can be adjusted according to the degree of natural light received indoors. Outdoor plants can refer to the first point when supplementing with plant growth lights.

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