Is Grow Lamp for Plants Harmful to Humans?

People know about grow lamp for plants, but they don't know it thoroughly. Many people want to choose some high-quality grow lamp for plants and place them indoors and have the habit of growing flowers in their bedrooms. There is no problem with this habit. But is the grow lamp for plants harmful to the human body? If it is harmful to humans, what is the degree of the harm?

Ⅰ. Is grow lights for plants harmful to humans?

The various types of grow lights for plants produced by major platforms basically have the same effect, and there is no harm in them. It is known that the light of grow lamp for plants contains blue light. And when blue light is emitted, it can release energy, with wavelengths between 400 and 480 nanometers. If it is opened at night, it will have a weak effect on the skin. As long as you don't open eco farm led grow light 24 hours a day, the harm to the human body is minimal and can be directly ignored by people. But the visual experience it brings to everyone is more obvious.

After learning about the grow lamp for plants, it is found that it has a blue light and red light. The red and blue light has become the main light source of the grow lamp for plants. It will produce corresponding stimulation to people's eyes, but this stimulation effect is not particularly obvious. Not to mention, most people will choose to turn it on at night and close their eyes to rest at night. The eyelids can play an excellent protective role, so the harm to the human body is non-existent. However, if people want to use it during the day, they should control the time. If the time is too long, it will cause discomfort in the eyes.

Ⅱ. Choose grow lamp for plants

Is grow lamp for plants harmful to humans? According to reliable sources, major brands make adjustments when producing grow lights for plants and ensure no problem with the quality, and the light emitted is very soft. If you find that a certain product emits the light is very dazzling, there are quality defects, which may affect your health. So most people always carefully choose the grow lamp for plants. For those products whose quality is ordinary, it is better not to buy them, because poor quality grow lamps may not meet their requirements, but Will make people waste a lot of energy.

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