What are the requirements of plant growth lamps for growing industrial hemp?

For growers of industrial hemp, in addition to paying attention to the variety and the growth and health of the root system, the selection of industrial hemp grow lights also requires special attention.

1. Use special cannabis grow lamps for cannabis growth

It is generally not recommended that users grow marijuana with ordinary lights. Unlike many other plants, cannabis requires extremely high light levels to develop to its full potential.

Because marijuana is a sun-loving plant, the light intensity produced by some lamps may not provide enough sunlight for marijuana. Incandescent bulbs are also not suitable for supplementing light for cannabis cultivation, because their light intensity is too low to meet the needs of cannabis during the growth period.

When the heat is too high, a "light burn" can occur, and if left unaddressed, light burns from cannabis grow lights can drastically reduce the potency and purity of your cannabis strain.

When plants are brought too close to the light source of the grow lights, some users may notice that the leaves of the plants turn an unsightly yellow color with brown or black edges.

As the plant grows further, the terminal buds may turn an unhealthy white color. Both are warning signs that marijuana is facing a "light burn" problem.

2. Keep a certain distance between the plant growth lamp and the marijuana

For the beginning home grower, it can often be difficult to tell the difference between a mild burn and a nitrogen deficiency. While both of these conditions can turn leaves yellow, there are probably two easy ways to tell them apart.

First, mild burns usually affect the tops of cannabis plants, while nitrogen deficiency starts at the bottom. Secondly, the leaves after being burned are very brittle, but the leaves of nitrogen deficiency generally appear drooping.

Usually, all you need to do to fix light burn is to move the grow lights further away from the plants, and if there is a lack of space in your growing area, you should use something like grow netting to keep the cannabis from growing taller and distribute it relatively evenly. illumination.

During the cultivation process of marijuana, the roots of the plants grown under strong light will be better. More light means plants can absorb more carbon dioxide from photosynthesis.

This is very important for the growth of plants, because plants usually allocate 40% of the carbon dioxide absorbed to the root system.

In outdoor production under cloudy conditions, the growth of industrial hemp roots is sometimes limited, so LED plant growth lights are commonly used to supplement light and promote growth.

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