LED Plant Growth Lights Adjust the Growth Cycle of Chrysanthemums and Promote the Opening of Chrysanthemums

1. What is the effect of LED grow lights for herbs on the growth of chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemum is an important ornamental flower in autumn, and the natural flowering period is mostly from September to November. If you want to see beautiful chrysanthemums at other times of the year, besides choosing the right variety and cutting time, reasonable light adjustments is also important.

Chrysanthemums are in a long-day environment during the growing season, but flowering requires short-day sunlight to stimulate flower bud differentiation. Only when the daily sunshine falls below 14 hours can the flower buds germinate.

The short daylight period is not only necessary for inducing flower buds, but also necessary for the final good development of flowers. Therefore, to make chrysanthemums bloom every year, the required photoperiod conditions must be met, which requires artificial LED plant growth lighting adjustments.

There are two kinds of light adjustment: one is short-day treatment, shading is carried out during the natural long-day period, and a continuous dark period of more than 14 hours is given every day; The second is long-day treatment, supplementing light during the natural short-day period, and supplementing light for more than 3 hours a day.

However, the daily light time is limited. If the weather is bad, it may not even meet the light requirements, so artificial light adjustment requires plant growth lights.

Because of the low heat generation, small size and recombinable spectrum of LED grow lights for herbs, LED grow lights for herbs are the best choice for supplementing light for flowers.

There is no need to worry about burns when you are in close contact with flowers, and the red and blue LED grow lights for herbs also have the effect of coloring flowers and preventing excessive growth.

2. Why do dragon fruits use plant growth lights at night?

At night, in large-scale pitaya planting bases, you can often see lights that are as bright as daytime, whether it is planted indoors or outdoors. What is the effect of pitaya lights at night?

Dragon fruit is a tropical plant that has high requirements for light during growth, not only limited to light intensity, but also has high requirements for light time. Sufficient light can ensure the healthy growth of dragon fruit.

However, when dragon fruit is planted out of season, insufficient light is often caused by environmental factors, which will affect the photosynthesis of dragon fruit, thereby affecting growth, flowering and fruiting, quality and yield.

When there is sufficient light during the day, you can not use the plant growth lamp to supplement the light at night. If it is cloudy during the day and cannot meet the light requirements for dragon fruit growth, you must supplement the light at night.

Therefore, it is often seen that a large area of dragon fruit is illuminated at night. The plant growth lamp ensures sufficient light. While ensuring the healthy growth of dragon fruit, it can also improve the quality and increase the yield.

Therefore, in the dragon fruit planting base, we often encounter the situation of supplementary light at night, especially when the light is insufficient during the day, and the light needs to be supplemented for a long time at night. If there is sufficient light during the day, you only need to use plant growth lights for three or four hours at night and early morning.

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