Effect of Using Plant Growth Lamp in Planting Cherry in Winter

Many people like to eat cherries, which play an important role in the fruit market, but because of their high price, they are not a fruit that many people eat regularly. However, because of their high price, there are many people who grow cherries. Cherries have high requirements for the growth environment, especially for the demand for light. The normal crop requires a daily light time of about 11-14 hours, but the length of daylight varies in different places. The south is rainy, the north is snowy, especially in the north, where the minimum light time is only 7-8 hours (excluding snowy days). The insufficient continuous lighting causes crops to be sub-healthy, with yellow spots appearing on the leaves, wilting and even large-scale death. Therefore, when planting cherries, greenhouse cultivation is often used, and plant growth lamp is used for supplementary lighting.

Reasons for using the high par led plant growth lamp

The reason for using plant growth lamps to supplement the light for cherries is mainly because the greenhouse can cause insufficient light transmittance, which affects the growth of cherries. If the light cannot meet the requirements of cherry growth, the yield and quality will decrease. If the lighting conditions are sufficient, the cherry's fruit setting rate is high, the yield and quality are good, and the color is good, which will in turn sell well! Therefore, many people will use High par led grow light to provide supplementary light for cherries. It can provide plants with light in any insufficient lighting conditions. Plant growth lamps are made according to the principle of photosynthesis of plants, with red and blue light that plants absorb the most, which can fully meet the requirements of cherry for light time and intensity.

Plant growth lamp is effective for cherry growth and seedling breeding

High par led grow light can not only ensure the healthy growth of seedlings, but also promote early flowering and early fruiting, increase production and yield. Plant growth lamp supplementary measures can not only meet the needs of normal growth of seasonal crops in greenhouses, but also can produce the following effects:

  • The overall growth of crops is significantly strengthened, the fruit is full and shiny, the sugar content increases, and the product quality can be significantly improved.

  • The growth lamp can ensure that the product is delivered and listed on schedule as planned, maintaining price advantages.

  • Due to the vigorous growth of crops, the ability to resist diseases and pests is significantly enhanced.

LEDs of specific wavelengths can affect the flowering time, quality, and duration of plant flowers. Some wavelengths of LEDs can increase the number and quality of plant flowers and blooms, while others can reduce flower responses, regulate flower stem length and flowering period, which is beneficial to cut flower production and listing. Therefore, LED regulation can regulate plant flowering and subsequent growth.

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